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1544 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94133
United States

(415) 260-0096

Metalworks SF is located in the heart of San Francisco.

Students will learn how to create hand fabricated jewelry uses but not limited to sterling silver, cooper, brass.

Also a  lost wax class will be offered .

School of Handcrafted Jewelry & Metal Art

Group Events


These workshops are perfect for school groups, corporate events, team building exercises, or just for fun.

A workshop at Macchiarini Creative Design gives each participant the opportunity to create a beautiful, hand-crafted piece of jewelry that is as unique as they are. When students come into our shop, they will be given access to their own individual benches and tool kits with which to work. They will learn some basic techniques, then get started crafting their very own works of art.

Throughout the whole process, our professional metalsmiths will be active and available to help students make their visions come to life.

For pricing, scheduling, and more information, please contact or call (415) 260-0096.

Here are some of the options for our workshops:

Silver Ring Workshop

Guided by our teachers, students will design, craft, and perfect their very own rings. They will use their newfound skills to work with the pre-cut pieces of silver that will become their rings. This is where individual creativity comes into play, as each person will have the ability to customize their metal and create whatever their imagination can inspire.

This is a 2½ hour workshop that can accommodate up to 12 people.

Ring Dish Workshop

In this project, workshop participants will create a copper dish, suitable for containing rings, keys, toothpicks, etc.

Your group will be operating in our studio workshop. Students are given a chunk of pre-cut copper in a size of their choice. From there, they will shape and form and manipulate the metal to create a dish that looks exactly like what it is—a piece made through hard work and determination.

This is a 2½ hour workshop that can accommodate up to 12 people. For enameling, add an additional hour.

Personalized Copper Cup Workshop

This project is the most straightforward and versatile. It can be done in our studio, or offsite at another location.

Students will design nameplates to customize pre-made copper mugs. They can put their name on them, or a design, or whatever they choose. At the end of the workshop, the plate will be riveted onto the cup and it will be ready to use. This is a simple yet evocative way of putting a creative touch on something.

This is a 2½ hour workshop.

The Sculpture Challenge

This project is for those who welcome an artistic engineering challenge.

Students will each start with an identical pre-made kit. Inside are pieces of metal in various types, shapes, and sizes. With those materials, and the tools and equipment in our shop, the students will be given free reign to create whatever they like.

This workshop is a great chance for people to improvise, work their imaginations, and maybe even indulge in some friendly competition. Those who have some jewelry or metalworking experience will excel here, but our teachers will always be available to guide everyone through their process regardless of skill level.

This is longer workshop, ideally around three to four hours. It can accommodate up to 12 people.

Custom Coin Design

We will work with you to create a design for a metal coin that can be pressed into an unlimited number of coins. It can feature anything—a name, brand, company logo, or even just a really cool image.

Once the design is approved by you, it will be cast into an iron die that will be used in our custom, high pressure coin press. These coins are about the size of a silver dollar, and can be made in just about any metal, from aluminium to copper to silver.

This option requires at least two weeks of development. After that, each coin can be pressed in about five minutes. The pressing process involves the physical interaction of the participants. Each person can work to make their very own coin, making it an individualized process for everyone involved.

IMG_2270 (1).JPG
Great studio with a phenomenal community. The teachers are so knowledgeable and ready to teach you anything you want to learn.
— Courtney L.
The classes were so fun, educational, and productive! I became proficient in so many techniques that I thought I would never be able to learn.
— Lindsay L.
The entire staff is welcoming & fun. Wish there was more stars to give here!!!!
— Angel T.